Former U.S. Secretary of State, U.S. Senator and First Lady
Born: October 26th, 1947  (age 69)

Clinton Education & Schooling

After graduating in the top five percent of her class at Maine South High in Park Ridge, Secretary Clinton enrolled at the elite all-women Wellesley College as a political science major. Her dynamism and political knowledge immediately propelled her to the forefront of the college’s political scene, and she was elected as the president of the Young Republicans Club in her freshman year. She would also go on to be elected president of the student government (Wellesley College Government Association) a couple of years later.

As president, Secretary Clinton is most remembered for pushing for an increase in black enrollment and relaxation of antiquated curfew restrictions.

She continued to evolve politically, and the heightened political atmosphere of the mid-to-late sixties in the United States gradually shifted her political leanings from the right to left. Despite volunteering as a summer intern for the House Republican Conference in 1966, Secretary Clinton also worked for Democrat Eugene McCarthy’s presidential campaign in 1968.

The political confusion was reflected in her correspondences with her mentor, Methodist minister Rev. Donald G. Jones. In one of their letters, quoted in Carl Bernstein’s 2008 book, A Woman in Charge: The Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton, Secretary Clinton responded to Rev. Jones’ question about personal responsibility with a very revealing answer: “It is an interesting question you posed – can one be a mind conservative and a heart liberal?”

She finally broke ranks with the Republican Party after attending the 1968 Republican National Convention in Dade County, Florida. While there, she was troubled by the treatment of the party establishment against the ideological leader of the moderate wing of the GOP, Nelson Rockefeller.

She graduated from Wellesley in 1969 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science, with honors. She created history by becoming the first ever student to deliver a commencement address, reportedly after pressure from her fellow students. Her speech drew a seven minutes long standing ovation!

By then, Secretary Clinton had already received acceptance letters from both Harvard Law and Yale Law School. Wellesley had already agreed to provide a scholarship to either colleges, and she had taken out a bank loan for living expenses, but she still had trouble deciding on which school to attend. Fortunately, she received an invitation from a friend to attend a cocktail party at Harvard - which played a part in her eventual decision to choose Yale.

“After I was accepted by Harvard and Yale, I couldn’t make up my mind where to go until I was invited to a cocktail party at Harvard Law School. A male law student friend introduced me to a famous Harvard law professor straight out of The Paper Chase, saying, “This is Hillary Rodham. She’s trying to decide whether to come here next year or sign up with our closest competitor.” The great man gave me a cool, dismissive look and said, “Well, first of all, we don’t have any close competitors. Secondly, we don’t need any more women at Harvard.” I was leaning toward Yale anyway, but this encounter removed any doubts about my choice.”
– Excerpted from Living History

After graduation, Secretary Clinton spent some time in Alaska, traveling across the state and supporting herself doing odd jobs like washing dishes at Mt. McKinley National Park (Denali National Park) and gutting fish at a cannery in Valdez, among others, before reporting to Yale. Her time at Yale would ultimately reinforce her liberal beliefs.

At Yale, she once again shone and served on the editorial board of Yale Review of Law and Social Action. She also volunteered at the Yale Child Study Center and New Haven Legal Services, and worked as the staff attorney for the Children's Defense Fund.

In 1970, she received a grant from the Law Student Civil Rights Research Council to support her internship at the Washington Research Project, where she was tasked to investigate the working and living conditions of migrant farmworkers for a planned Senate hearing advocated by Senator Walter Mondale of Minnesota, the future vice president for Jimmy Carter.

Another important event happened at Yale, one that literally changed her life – meeting a young William Jefferson Clinton, who she described as “tall and handsome”, with “reddish brown beard and curly mane of hair” and “a vitality that seemed to shoot out of his pores.”
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Businessman, television personality and author
Born: June 14th, 1946  (age 71)

Trump Education & Schooling

Mr. Trump was enrolled as a preschooler in the private Kew Forest School in Forest Hills, New York, where his father, Fred, served on the Board of Trustees. He stayed there until 1959, when his hyperactive and aggressive personality forced his parents to enroll him for eighth grade at the New York Military Academy (NYMA) in Hudson Valley in an attempt to provide him with a more structured and disciplined development.

The decision proved to be a masterstroke as Mr. Trump flourished in the private boarding school’s regimented environment, both academically and in sports. In his book, Never Enough: Donald Trump and the Pursuit of Success
, biographer Michael D’Antonio wrote:

“But Trump had also insisted that he had actually known military life. In a separate conversation he said, “I always thought I was in the military.” He said that in prep school he received more military training than most actual soldiers did, and he had been required to live under the command of men such as Ted Dobias who had been real officers and soldiers. “I felt like I was in the military in a true sense,” added Trump, “because I dealt with the people.”

Ironically though, in 2015, NYMA was bought by the Research Center on Natural Conservation for $15.8 million at a bankruptcy auction. The non-profit Research Center on Natural Conservation is owned by Chinese citizen Vincent Mo Tianquan, a Beijing-based real estate tycoon.

Mr. Trump was well-regarded at NYMA. In a 2015 interview, his former classmate, George Beuttell, said “Nobody ever spoke badly about him then, and he was liked." Another school mate said that Mr. Trump could have played baseball professionally. In his senior year, the good-looking Donald was voted “Ladies Man” by his peers.

Mr. Trump graduated from NYMA in 1964 and promptly went to Fordham University in the Bronx before transferring to University of Pennsylvania’s famed Wharton School of Business (known at the time as Wharton School of Finance and Commerce) two years later. Mr. Trump’s time at Wharton wasn’t particularly memorable as he was already spending a lot of time on his embryonic real estate business, but he still stood out to a few fellow students. Classmate Ted Sachs said that Mr. Trump “had a magnetism about himself. He knew where he was going” and “he knew something at that age that I didn’t.”

Mr. Trump graduated from Wharton in 1968 with an undergraduate degree in Economics (majoring in real estate). Not long after that, he joined his father’s real estate firm in Brooklyn.

Mr. Trump has been asked several times about how he avoided the draft and his five deferments. He has explained that it was through a combination of factors, including, a high draft lottery number (356 out of 366) and a medical deferment (heel spurs on both feet).
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