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Cody Robert Judy lives in Ogden, Utah. He attended and graduated from Utah State University, with a degree in Psychology. Little information is available on his employment history, but he currently owns his own business. Judy is a former Mormon, but has been officially excommunicated from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (the Mormon church) for apostasy. In 1993, holding a nondescript briefcase, he ascended uninvited to a Marriot Center stage where Howard W. Hunter, President of the Council of the Twelve of the LDS church, addressed an assembled crowd. Official accounts (including eyewitness reports) state that Judy then proceeded to threaten Hunter by claiming he had a bomb in his briefcase and that he would detonate it if Hunter did not flee the building. Several audience members and at least two security guards intervened, physically subduing Judy until police could be summoned. Judy pleaded guilty to Aggravated Burglary, saying he had committed the crime because God told him he was to be the next prophet of the LDS church. He denies that any actual bomb threat was made, explaining that he merely referred aloud to the Book of Mormon (a holy text of Mormonism, considered by that faith to be part of the Holy Bible) by phonetically pronouncing its initials, BOM, which was misunderstood to the alarm of many. Records disagree with his account, but he contends that the official contradiction of his story was unfairly entered against him by a Mormon judge and perpetuated by Mormon newspapers, all seeking to discredit him. Three doctors who examined Judy testified that he suffered from a delusional disorder, but that he rationally understood the charges against him, and he was ruled competent to enter his guilty plea. He served eight years in prison. Despite his running as a Democrat, Judy has no love for the nation's President. He has spoken out against Barack Obama on the (thoroughly disproven) grounds that Obama is not a natural-born American citizen and is thus ineligible to occupy the White House. He has sued President Obama for this reason, and in fact has done the same to Republican Senator and former presidential contender John McCain, on the same basis. Judy is a generally conservative candidate. He vigorously opposes illegal immigration, calling for the implementation of minefields and high-beam cutting laser fences along the southern border with only legitimate points of entry remaining safe. He categorically rejects amnesty for immigrants already present illegally, and says the immigration system should be strengthened to welcome people legally. He also supports increasing domestic production of energy using fossil fuels, while funding research into more diverse energy sources and the cleaner use of traditional sources. On the issue of healthcare, he advocates for the use of deregulation and tax cuts to enable the population to afford medical treatment under a free market. With policies decidedly far to the right of the political spectrum, it is ironic that Judy is likely to find his most vehement support among the Republican Tea Party, as he himself seeks the Democratic nomination. His criminal past, however, risks making him into an unacceptable choice for a majority of American voters.

Cody Robert Judy 2016 Declaration of Candidacy

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