Businessman, television personality and author
Born: June 14th, 1946  (age 71)

Trump on Civil Liberties

Trump wants surveillance on people coming into the country and on certain mosques.

“A database is okay and watch list is okay and surveillance is okay. If you don’t mind I want to be- I want to surveill, I want surveillance of these people that are coming in. The Trojan horse, I want to know who the hell they are. And the biggest story yesterday, the biggest, was “Trump wants database on Muslims.” I said “what’s all happening here?” and I spoke to the reporter at the Times and I think I made it clear and I also said “Number one, you couldn’t hear very well because it’s like walking over here and you’re not paying…but regardless of that it doesn’t matter.”

“I want surveillance of these people. I want surveillance if we have to and I don’t care. I want, are you ready for this folks? Are you ready? Oh they’re going to make it such a big deal. They’re going to make it so big. He said something so politically incorrect.”
“I want surveillance of certain mosques, okay? If that’s okay. I want surveillance. And you know what? We’ve had it before and we’ll have it again.”

“I will absolutely take database on the people coming in from Syria if we can’t stop it, but we’re going to. And if I win I’ve made it known if I win they’re going back. We can’t have them.”

21 November, 2015: Campaign speech in Birmingham, Alabama
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Former U.S. Secretary of State, U.S. Senator and First Lady
Born: October 26th, 1947  (age 69)

Clinton on Civil Liberties

Clinton voted for the Patriot Act and wants to keep a balance between civil liberties, privacy and security.

ANDERSON COOPER: Secretary Clinton, do you regret your vote on the Patriot Act?

HILLARY CLINTON: No, I don’t. I think that it was necessary to make sure that we were able, after 911, to put in place the security that we needed. And it is true that it did require that there be a process. What happened, however, is that the Bush administration began to chip away at that process and I began to speak out about their use of warrant list surveillance and the other behavior that they engaged in. We always have to keep the balance of civil liberties, privacy and security. It’s not easy in a democracy but we have to keep it in mind.

13 October, 2015: CNN Democratic Debate Las Vegas, Nevada (0:00 – 0:37)

“Another challenge is how to strike the right balance of protecting privacy and security. Encryption of mobile communications presents a particularly tough problem. We should take the concerns of law enforcement and counter-terrorism professionals seriously. They have warned that impenetrable encryption may prevent them from accessing terrorist communications and preventing a future attack. On the other hand we know there are legitimate concerns about government intrusion, network security and creating new vulnerabilities that bad actors can and would exploit. So we need Silicon Valley not to view government as its adversary. We need to challenge our best minds in the private sector to work with our best minds in the public sector to develop solutions that will both keep us safe and protect our privacy. Now is the time to solve this problem, not after the next attack.”

19 November, 2015: C-SPAN National Security Address in New York (25:23 – 26:28)
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