Declined 2016 

Businessman, philanthropist and former Mayor of New York City
Born: February 14th, 1942  (age 75)

A self-made billionaire and philanthropist, he has experience in executive management and maintains a largely non-partisan approach to problem solving. Michael Bloomberg has explored third-party presidential bids in the past, and repeatedly surmised that he could not win. The unusual political climate of the 2016 election may finally offer him a better opportunity.

On January 22, 2016, NBC News confirmed Bloomberg would likely only run if either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz was the Republican nominee and Bernie Sanders the Democratic nominee. According to the reports, he is troubled by Hillary Clinton’s stumbles and Donald Trump's dominance.

Bloomberg is expected to make his decision soon following the March 1st Super Tuesday vote, the latest at which advisers believe he could enter the race and yet qualify as an independent candidate on the ballot in all 50 states. It is rumored that Mr. Bloomberg would be willing to spend $1 billion of his fortune on the presidential bid.

Bloomberg has been a Democrat, a Republican and an Independent. He is “liberal” on social issues and “conservative” on fiscal and governmental concerns.

On social issues Bloomberg has mounted campaigns to ban smoking in public and trans fats in restaurants. He wants sensible immigration reform while giving amnesty to the illegal immigrants who are already in the country. Bloomberg is a fervent advocate for abortion rights and endorses gay marriage and limited gun control. He would like to see the government more involved in “climate change” and public welfare programs.

Fiscally, Bloomberg is conservative and at times innovative. He did, after all, balance New York City’s budget, a feat that his recent predecessors could not. He believes that the nation’s infrastructure should be rebuilt, which in turn will yield more revenue and contribute to improving the job market in the coming years aside from the construction jobs it will provide. He also advocates Saturday voting to make it easier for working Americans to vote.
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